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    Our original site was hacked recently. Please be patient while we redesign

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    For the online platform that emulates YOUR natural teaching style



    It's about synchronising.


    Our online platform supports a teacher/trainer's natural delivery.


    For live virtual lessons


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    Teachers & Trainers

    Do on-line lessons chain you to a single device?

    You spend years developing your teaching skills and presentation style, yet when it comes to online lessons, you are stuck behind a desk - restricted in movement and expression.


    Syncroni sets you free from those constraints.

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    Synchronised Devices

    Control lesson elements from multiple devices simultaneously

    Syncroni allows the teacher/ trainer to control various elements of an online lesson using separate devices - all at the same time! For example, use a laptop or tablet as a camera and overview screen. Simultaneously, a second tablet controls the interactive slideshow or a whiteboard, allowing you to move and express yourself freely.

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    Why use Syncroni?

    Our platform sets you free with a host of benefits.

    The advantages:

    • intuitive and simple to use
    • ease of writing
    • effective camera views
    • freedom to move about and gesture
    • incorporates everyday devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop) with savings on expensive equipment
    • economical and accessible
    • simultaneous use of multiple devices
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    Anywhere becomes a classroom

    Beyond the traditional classroom or work space

    If you have a mobile device - or several of these - and an Internet connection, then your classroom is ready to go.


    With the Syncroni platform, you can seamlessly switch from a laptop to a tablet to a smartphone, or use them all at once.


    Use your favourite mobile devices at home, school or in the outdoors, and let the learning begin!


    Check out the clip below for a closer look at what we do.

    Why the Syncroni platform makes sense.

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    Exonera speaks about Syncroni.


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    Karl Soanes

    CEO & Co-Founder

    As a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience from marketing to hospitality, Karl has built up businesses in diverse industries including bars, nightclubs, a record label and marketing.

    His proudest achievement to date is expanding a single unit to multiple outlets, before selling these as franchises.

    He recently completed an introductory scuba course and can't wait to get back under the water.

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    Heather Longworth

    COO & Education advisor



    An experienced teacher, lecturer and trainer in a range of subjects and Member of the British Psychological Society, Heather has a passion for education and supporting learning difference.

    She has worked with students of all ages to facilitate and nurture their enthusiasm for learning.

    She loves nature, the outdoors and her little black pony.

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    Roy Goddard

    CTO & IT Trainer

    Software developer, project manager and general hair puller outer when working on the best interface, Roy is a professional software engineer who specialises in the development of distinctive data-rich bespoke web applications based on the industry standards of PHP and MySQL.

    His background includes providing hands-on training and the quantitative analysis of training needs and benefits.

    He has nearly 14 years of IT training experience including companies like Microprocessor Engineering (UK) and OMRON (Japan).

    Roy also developed training software for a variety of companies including Foxcell Training & Firstline Response.

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    Keith van Eyssen

    Developement Advisor

    Former CTO & Co-founder of TRSTBL (Canada) Ltd, Keith has over 30 years in project management and enterprise /solution architecture development but still he is passionate about building more efficient systems for individual learning.


    Enterprise/Solution Architect - S/4 Conversion Technical Architect, Integration, SAP, Mobility, BI, API & Cloud


    For questions, comments or just to say 'Great idea!'


    Development Advisor: Bespoke Training


    Collaborators: Cranfield University and Loughborough University


    Supporters: Accelerator Academy & S4S